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The effects of fasting on the body - An introduction to the wonderful world of spring fasting and renewal

The effects of fasting on the body - An introduction to the wonderful self-healing world of spring fasting and renewal

I had the pleasure of listening to a great lecture on Saturday by Adrienne Kautzky Szemők on fasting. Two hours of the lecture flew by unnoticed. The audience experienced the true flow described by Csíkszentmihályi. Time stood still, the presence was filled with knowledge, the information was received with focus and undivided attention.

It's spring and nature is coming alive at a rapid pace, It's a time for regeneration. Let's renew ourselves, take up the rhythm of nature!

Waking nature, waking organism

Adapting to the yearly rhythm, the life-fluids begin to move, the earth warms up, plants sprout, seeds germinate. All living things feel the power of nature's awakening in spring. Awakening, a new beginning, requires a clean slate. After a winter of heavy, substantial meals, our bodies need to cleanse themselves, to prepare to receive fresh, tender nourishment. The best way to make the transition is to fast. Fasting is a physical spiritual process; a conscious, free choice for material and spiritual renewal. All ancient cultures, all religions, include, prescribe some form of fasting. Fasting frees you from accumulated waste products, frees the body and clears the mind. Celebrities, great thinkers, role models have all fasted, let us follow their example!

What is fasting and what are its effects on the body?

The health effects of fasting are extremely varied, but physiologically it is a very simple process. Depriving the body of solid food allows organs (the digestive organs) that are tired of metabolism to rest and relax, which is essential for their regeneration. Hunger is a wonderful gift that reduces the body's energy needs through rest, slows the heart rate, lowers blood pressure - in a completely natural way. It is also the experience of hunger that triggers the mobilisation of the body's stores, our hormones also stimulate our body to use stored substances.

It's also the time when the slag and toxins stored in our stores can be cleared from our bodies. Our spirit also experiences the ability to function independently of material processes - an uplifting feeling.

The secretion that cleanses us is very intense in the second phase of fasting, with our liver, kidneys and all our pores working to eliminate harmful and unnecessary substances. In the third stage of Lent, we experience a great state of purity, freedom and independence, providing a clean slate for the start of new life.

There are many studies that show that fasting reduces the body's production of insulin, so insulin resistance (the cells' habituation and desensitisation to the insulin that is constantly present, caused by regular carbohydrate intake without a break), which is a precursor to diabetes, is reduced and our cells become susceptible to it again. The hunger hormone, ghrelin, mobilises our fat stores to supply our mitochondria (the power plants of our cells) with ketone bodies (e.g. beta-hydroxybutyric acid) with a high energy content. This concentrated energy source results in increased work capacity and concentration, which explains the increase in mental and physical performance during fasting.

The decrease in insulin production brings an increase in the production of growth hormone, a key regulator of regeneration and body building.

Luckily for us, spring is a time when nature provides us with fresh and easily digestible nutrients, which can be consumed to help renew the body.

fasting cbd hunbgary

What to look out for when fasting?

There is a wealth of information on the internet about different fasting practices in different qualities. The following recommendations should be considered before starting:

  • Fasting is not for everyone! Children, growing children
    young people, mothers in a blessed state or breastfeeding should not
    fasting. Or those whose health is at risk,
    only after medical consultation and under medical supervision
    and the quality of fasting.
  • Fasting is ancient in several ways,
    traditional, modern and contemporary (trendy) and fashionable forms
    according to your preferences. It is very important that we take our shape,
    the way that suits us best, according to our body type and attitude!
  • It is a free choice to start fasting, not a compulsion, as there is a huge difference between a cleansing fast and a stress fast.
  • You need to be prepared for Lent, to have calm conditions
    and a state tolerant of change, during which, in the
    reducing portions, giving up heavy foods and
    and repetition.
  • After the fast is over, break it with light meals. A gradual transition is very important, heavy foods and large portions are dangerous at this time.
  • Before and during fasting with natural dietary supplement Herbaferm drops
    regularly to enhance the body's regeneration. A
    improving the efficiency of absorption, it helps to increase the intake of nutrients
    utilisation of the nutrient intake.

Spring fruit fasting

My favourite fast has come down to me by word of mouth, its origins
it is said that after the decadent revelry of ancient Rome.
it was used to purify the body and soul. This fast is the 10-day fruit fast.

Not only hedonistic considerations, but also the consumption of fruit
sugar intake associated with fruit consumption and the structured fibre consumption
close to me. I don't have to give up sweet fruits because of their sugar content
normal activity, I can even do sport and
the fibre content of fruit gives the intestines a workout, they are not "idling

My spring fruit fast is based on apples, oranges and bananas. Apples should be gently stored, free of domestic chemical residues, and I eat the southern fruits peeled 🙂 .

During the course of the cure, 2-2.5 kg of fruit per day is on the menu (90 kg live weight
I only supplement this (even if it's not a trendy water drinker)
with a small glass of water every now and then when I'm thirsty. The first day is good
the second and third days are critical, at which point I'll need about a
I'm the equivalent of a mushroom, work and friendliness
friendliness. It's a time of intense cleansing at the beginning,
I sweat and get rid of slags. From the fourth or fifth day onwards
a feeling of lightness makes up for everything, and this lasts until the tenth day. A
I break the fast with a delicious vegetable soup and I am happy to taste the flavours and enjoy the purity.

Care should be taken to avoid pesticides and preservative solutions
may be present on commercially available commercial fruit,
which can cause much more damage than the fruit season helps, so
it is important to consider the source of the fruit you eat.

Happy spring and a successful renewal!

This article is the property of Herbaferm Ltd.

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