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Free Sample CBD HUNGARY 5% Full Spectrum CBD Oil 50mg-1ml


What if we told you that we have a solution to make you feel better from tomorrow?

Sleep better, relieve pain and reduce stress and anxiety.

CBD oil can alleviate symptoms and help with the problems listed above and many others, such as:

Cancer, epilepsy, depression, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Tourette's syndrome, etc.

As we would like to express our gratitude for having you among our customers, we have sent you a gift.

This is just a sample of the new CBD oil that will soon be available online.

We have created the best quality full spectrum 5% CBD oil combined with natural MCT oil.

CBD (cannabidiol) is an active ingredient found in cannabis, but it has no psychoactive effects (no intoxicating effects at all).

CBD is known as the "medical cannabinoid" found in the cannabis plant and is one of the two most important active ingredients in the plant.

Total CBD content per bottle: 50 mg

Volume: 1 ml (approx. 30 drops)

One drop: contains 1 mg CBD

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Free sample, we are always happy to receive it


Actually, I found no difference between broad- and full-spectrum effects.

Dr. Lászlóné Dános

A very fair business. I have never had any problems with my orders, and I have often received a tattoo-friendly gift with my orders!

Lászlóné Dr. Dános

I am satisfied with both the product sample and the service. 🥰

Emilia Zilahi

I am very satisfied with it, it works for me and I believe in it!

Ms Lászlóné Kecskeméti

I was also very happy with the gift!


Thank you for introducing me to your product.My joint pain has been reduced .I will stick with your products.

Kmetz K.

Free Sample CBD HUNGARY 5% Full Spectrum CBD Oil 50mg-1ml CBD Hungary

Volume: 1 ml
Precise dosing is ensured by a pipette dispenser.

CBD content: 500 mg

Concentration: 5%

Contains approximately 30 drops.1 drop = 1 mg CBD

One dose: 5 drops containing 5mg of CBD.

Ingredients:MCT oil, hemp extract, organic hemp oil, vitamin E

Free Sample CBD HUNGARY 5% Full Spectrum CBD Oil 50mg-1ml CBD Hungary

What is CBD oil?

CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is a beneficial molecule in hemp. CBD oil is made from industrial hemp. Its use is not associated with mind-altering effects and is not addictive.

How do I use CBD oil?

Recommended Use: Shake well before use. For optimal results, drip 4-10 drops under the tongue and hold for 1 minute.

What is "full spectrum" CBD oil?

When CBD oil is referred to as full spectrum, it means that the tincture contains all the beneficial molecules of hemp. CBD (cannabidiol) remains the most important and abundant component, but other cannabinoids (e.g. CBG, CBC, CBN and countless others), terpenes and flavonoids are also present.


The most commonly occurring cannabinoids, which are also found in CBD HUNGARY's full spectrum products, are CBD (cannabidiol), (CBG (Cannabigerol), CBN (Cannabinol), CBC (cannabichromene). In addition to cannabinoids, the oils also contain flavonoids and terpenes.

Have more questions?

Check out our detailed CBD Knowledgebase, and if you still can't find the answer, contact us!


Do not use on damaged skin. Keep out of reach of small children and pets. Consult your doctor before use. Do not store in a refrigerator. Store away from excessive heat, light and moisture.

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